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    Focus on the finer things in Life
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We believe that modern living in lifeless concrete jungles has alienated us from the sprawling greens; greys and blacks now dominate the landscape which was once filled with the myriad hues of life. To escape from this mundane lifestyle of the city, we are building urban settlements in Santiniketan, where the mornings would start with the chirping of birds, fragrance of flowers and cool breeze in communication with the sun-kissed greens.

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Freedom lives within you, just let go!

Rich with all modern amenities. Avihita ensures comfort for your outer being and calm for your inner peace. Once inside Avihita, you will meed some time to discover the entire spread of the layout. The vast openness will surprise you. The greenery will amaze you and you will love to venture outdoors around the complex that is studded with manicured gardens, but do not give away the essence of Santiniketan.
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With prices starting from ₹10 lakhs, theres something for every one!

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Continuously Creating Beautiful Living Spaces

Jhinuk Constructions is a well recognised and admired brand which has moved from strength to strength over the last decade. We stand firm on our commitment to provide affordable yet quality housing for every individual. Our strength lies in the delivery of promises through meticulous planning and a keen eye for quality and design. Convenient locations, quality materials, incredible workmanship and after sales service are some of the traits we strongly adhere to. So far we have innovated with various formats of residential housing projects and have created a great relationship with hundreds of happy home owners. We will strive to maintain the same zeal as we venture into broader domains and larger markets.

Our Vision

Extensive urbanisation resulting from the economic development of the past decade has lead to a dearth of space in every Indian city. Our vision is to provide innovatively designed living spaces at an incredibly affordable price, thereby improving the lifestyle of every deserving citizen of the country.

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The Office is located on the 1st floor of Bolpur SuperMarket (Block A)